About Me

An event early in my life gave me a deep respect for the Native American culture. Later, after I heard the voice of this magnificent instrument that respect deepened. It also set into motion a journey of discovery. I learned as much as I could about the history and craft of flute making. Considering I was already an avid woodworker, and fan of many types of music, it made sense for me to learn to make them.

Me playing at a statue located at a local park

After a year and a half of sawdust and a few stumbles along the way, I began to notice the change in my attitude toward daily life. I made more and more. I gifted some simply because I had so many in my personal collection. After a time, others started calling me, looking for a flute of their own. And so, Quahada Winds was born. All of my flutes are crafted in two piece construction. Some may disagree that this is the “best” way to build a flute, others will argue it is the only way. I can tell you that it is the way I prefer as it allows me to produce consistently well voiced flutes. Having access to the inside of the sound hole lets me visually inspect and shape each individual flute.

I also shape my flutes by hand, paying personal attention to how it “feels” in my hands. Each of my flutes is the result of a journey in craftsmanship, patience, and respect. Every flute is crafted one at a time in my shop. This allows me to give your flute the attention to detail and sound it deserves. If you have a particular design or key in mind I can always be reached by phone, simply email me for the information. I am always willing to “Talk Flutes”! I would like to thank you for visiting Quahada Winds and including me in your flute journey, whether you are purchasing your first flute, adding one to your collection, or just looking for more information.

Your spirit has a song to teach you.